Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When the Pain in your Back does not go away

People with back pain have my respect. Most people I know tolerate this kind of pain to the point of acceptance, a chronic reminder of things not functioning right in their body.  They talk about a "bad back" and they try to "just live with it". Chronic back pain points to pinched nerves, a congested colon, spine inflammation, vertebral misalingments.

Treatment for back pain includes visits to specialists, chiropractors and other practitioners, often surgery.  One of the most powerful tools for effective pain management until the proper course of action is implemented is the Raindrop Technique. It is a massage technique developed by Gary Young, founder of Young Living, based on his research with essential oils as antimicrobial agents.  It is applied using seven different essential oils:Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Peppermint.  Don't you just love that you can pronounce each and every one of those oils?  How is the technique different? "The oils are dispensed like drops of rain from a height of six inches above the back and feathered and massaged along the vertebrae and back muscles", a description found in the Essential Oils Desk Reference.
By far, it has been the best massage I have ever had, easing out tension and pain from my back.

If massage is not a choice for you, here are some alternative oils you can use topically. 
  • Daily Pain: Wintergreen,Clary Sage, Helichrysum, Sweet Marjoram, Sandalwood.
  • Numbing Relief: Clove Bud, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, Lemongrass.
  • Inflammation: Geranium, Juniper, Myrrh, Rose, Tea Tree, Panaway, Deep Relief, Copaiba, Peppermint.
Massage oils include: Ortho Sport and Ortho Ease.  You can use those like a lotion. Cold compresses for inflammation and warm compresses for non-inflammatory conditions are also recommended.

Exercise, especially yoga, swimming and stretching  as well as proper nutrition also can help ease discomfort with real results. 

The natural options outlined on this post are for you to consider.  Back pain can be due to many different causes but pain management is possible, affordable and without side effects. What do you have to lose?  PAIN!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

For Your Pets Only

Our family does not have any pets, much to my children's dismay.  I have many friends however who spend a lot of time, money and energy caring for their dogs and cats.  I would like to offer to you some natural options for the care of your beloved animals that just might save you a trip to the vet.

Animal Scents Ointment by Young Living is a "protective, soothing salve designed specifically for external use on animals. The gentle and safe formula is enhanced with pure Melaleuca Alternifolia and Myrrh, two of nature's most powerful essential oils." Rosehip, geranium and balsam fir, patchouli are also inculded.
The cream will keep your pet's feet moisturized during the cold months ahead as well for any cuts or scrapes or dry skin.  It works really well for humans, too!

Two great resources for those of you interested in exploring more on how essential oils can help your dog and cats can be found at: http://www.oilyvet.com/ and http://www.brighteyeswellness.com/.

Some people might be weary of using essential oils with cats because of their sensitive body but lavender for example can be taken internally by cats safely. Animals in general are more sensitive than humans and require less oil, adjusted according to body weight. Dilution is highly recommended.

I will add more posts in the future on specific health issues that can be addressed with using essential oils with animals.  Feel free to email me with your questions at: cvlasto@hotmail.com

Take good care,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School; Getting the Essentials for your children's health

This blog post is for all the parents in my audience and those who love them and their children.  Most of my friends with children are busy getting the new school supplies, getting the dentist appointment in and finding proper sneakers and clothes.  Once you have hit all the items on that long to do list it is time to put them on the bus, shed a tear, take the picture on that first day of school and pray they have fun.  Are you ready however for what they will bring home with them? I am not talking about paperwork and homework and fundraisers. I am talking about the germs, the viruses, the colds and who knows what else? Lice?? Okay, I will stop here.

I will share with you what essential oils I keep in my medicine cabinet, or the kitchen cabinet with the china and the good wine glasses as it may be in my house. The most important oil blend for us to keep healthy during the school year is called Thieves. It is a powerful blend of pure Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon. The natural antibacterial properties of the oils keep the immune system up while helping the body heal when it is compromised with illness. I rub it at the bottom of the feet, make a tea of it or directly apply on neck and wrists. It works wonders in speeding up the healing process and building immunity.

Respiratory Congestion, RC is another great oil blend we use quite a bit.  This is the blend to go to when there is coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, stuffiness.  It contains Eucalyptus Globulus, Myrtle, Spruce, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus citriodora, Peppermint, Pine, Lavender, Marjoram, Cypress.  I apply it at the bottom of the feet, right on my children's chests and a drop or two on their nose.  I like to diffuse this oil so at night we all get a restful sleep as opposed to hearing lots of coughing.  This blend works really well for those dealing with asthma.

As the school year begins along with excitement a lot of times comes anxiety for our children and even for the parents. Sleep patterns might change, new friendships are negotiated, new demands and routines to be mastered. It can all be overwhelming even for the most grounded of folks.  One of my favorite oils to use for relaxation is Peace and Calming. It contains Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Orange, Patchouli.  I apply it to the bottom of the feet, my wrists and just inhale it. Lavender is always another great option, especially for sleep issues.

The essential oils mentioned above have been well received by my children and by those families I know who use them. The results are positive for health improvement in a natural, non-toxic way with no side effects.

I wish your families a wonderful school year ahead, whether you send your children on the bus or home-school. In the hurried pace of school and after-school activities take the time to slow it down, spend some time with your children face to face, outside of the car, connect with them on a meaningful level. We only have them with us for a short amount of time. Make it count!

If you are interested in having the oils in your home this winter, you may contact me: cvlasto@hotmail.com or order directly from Young Living: http://www.youngliving.com/, using my ID #: 1091856. I would also be happy to come to your house for an essential oil gathering to share the wonderful, natural world of essential oils.

Take good care,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natural Solutions for Sunburn

Summer is here and we all find ourselves outside. I used to love sitting in the sun for hours, afterall I grew up in Greece where the sunshine is plenitiful.  As I get older I know better.  The sun's damage is not to be underestimated.  So I lather up with sunscreen and I stay in the shade as much as I can.  That's okay by me.

If you happen to suffer from a sunburn this summer, there is some relief, the natural way. LavaDerm Cooling Mist has been extensively used in the treatment of burns and has been studied for its anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerating properties. This mist contains the essential oil Lavender which has been highly regarded as a burn treatment since cosmetic chemist Rene Gattefosse used the oil to heal his severe burns suffered in a laboratory explosion. The use of lavender oil is also critical in reducing the formation of scar tissue. This cooling mist assists the healing of most topical burns and contains a highly purified concentrate of aloe vera gel, freshly processed from the leaves of aloe barbadiensis. You can use this mist as often as needed to keep your skin cool and to promote tissue regeneration.  Pure Lavender oils is another great solution.  Other oils to use for sunburn include Idaho Balsam Fir, Helichrysum, Blue Cypress, Rose, Niaouli, German Chamomile, Gentle Baby, Australian Blue, Melrose, Valor.

The reason that burns tend to swell and blister is due to fluid loss from the damaged blood vessels. This is why it is important to keep the burn hydrated well and to drink plenty of water.

If you are interested in placing an order for any of the above oils please contact me via email: cvlasto@hotmail.com or visit the Young Living website at:http://www.youngliving.com/, you will need my sponsor ID #: 1091856.

Enjoy the sun without the burns!

Take good care,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allergy Season is here. How are your medications working for you? Care for a natural approach?

If you are like me, you check the pollen forecast on a daily basis right now. As beautiful as it is to see, finally, for those of us living up North, the green leaves returning on the trees and the buds, it is also a time to sneeze, wheeze and have itchy eyes. Airborne allergens (pollen, animal hair, feathers, dust mites) cause the release of histamines and subsequent inflammation of nasal passages and sinus related areas.  Asthma, a more serious form of respiratory allergy, manifests in the chests and lungs.

Therapeutic grade essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and they can bring immediate, effective, all natural and with no side effects relief.  Can you say that for the medications that are out on the market today?  All you have to do is listen to a commercial for an allergy drug and you hear mostly about the potential harm the drug can bring on.  I am happy to have the oils as an alternative for my family.

Which oils are especially powerful in dealing with allergies?  My favorite would be Lavender.  Peppermint is a close second.  Eucalyptus however is a great choice as well.
Young Living's Breathe Again roll on contains a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rose Hip Oil, Copal Oil and Myrtle. All words you can pronounce, right?  The roll on feature only makes it easier to keep in a pocket, a purse, and safe enough to give to an older child to apply themselves.
Respiratory Congestion is another wonderful blend, one that we have used quite a bit in our house. Eucalyptus, Pine, Lavender, Cypress, Spruce, Peppermint, Marjoram, Myrtle oils are the ingredients.  

Here are a few testimonials from people who have used the oils to help them with their allergies.

"My wife has had seasonal allergies for years and has been taking Claridon for as many years as she can remember. After hearing about the many properties of this 'swiss army knife of oils', lavender, she wanted to try it. She applied the oil to her chackra points and behind the ears in the am and p.m. and whenever she began to fill up. Well, I can't stop her from telling others how this oil has helped wean her from the nasty allergy meds and naturally taken away almost all of the symptoms of her allergies. It works."

"I have been using Peppermint oil since about February 2010, 1 drop on tongue 1-3 times per day for my allergies, also works great when I start getting head pain."

"I've just recently started using my oils internally. This year when allergy season hit I couldn't breathe out of either nostril. I decided to take Eucalyptus oil internally daily, and within two days, my passages cleared. I kept taking the oil until the season passed. I know what I'll be doing for allergies for times to come."

I hope you can turn to essential oils for natural, effective and lasting relief this allergy season.  In addition to the oils, remember; your whole body needs care, not just your face and lungs.  Eat your veggies, drink your water, get your sleep, don't forget to love those close to you!

Take good care,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pain Relief using Deep Relief

Deep Relief is an essential oil blend that contains Peppermint, Helichrysum, Idaho Balsam Fir, Lemon, Coconut, Clove, Wintergreen, Vetiver, Copaiba and Palo Santo Oils. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oils offer relief from various types of pain.  It comes in a very cool, easy to carry and easy to apply roll-on container, the size of a lipstick.  At a recent family gathering a friend experienced severe back pain that was the result of a work related injury.  She let me roll some Deep Relief up and down her spine and within 10 minutes or so she actually felt, yes, Deep Relief from her chronic pain.  In a natural, non-addictive manner. Her 12-year-old daughter was experiencing menstrual cramps and she also applied Deep Relief right on her abdomen and within a short while, she also experienced, yes, Deep Relief.  They both wanted to know how to get one of those little containers!  At a recent meeting with a friend I applied Deep Relief to her hands that had been bruised earlier that morning from falling on ice.  After applying Deep Relief on her hands, at the end of our tea and conversation she too, had experienced, yes, Deep Relief.  What have I learned in the last week?  Something I have known for a while, Deep Relief WORKS!  It brings what it promises in an all natural, safe way.  I also learned that I cannot leave my house without it because you never know who might need some Deep Relief from their pain.  Literally.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Quest for Purity in Essential Oils and in daily living

My quest for purity in my daily living sometimes is hampered by the sheer volume of choices that are out there. At the grocery store, do you buy the cheaper version of corn flakes or the organic and double priced ones? What's one to gain from that? Purity. Authenticity in the flavor and the quality of the product. My family has been on this quest for some time now and we have come up with some things that are just non negotiable because purity and authenticity matter.  Raw milk, meat without growth hormones, natural soap, raw honey, foods without preservatives and locally grown vegetables.  We look for the same qualities in the use of Essential Oils. Therapeutic grade means that the oils are extracted in their purest form, they have not had any fillers or synthetic materials added and they were grown on virgin ground with soil that is rich in nutrients. Those are the only oils our family trusts. Those are the only oils we will get the most health benefit out of.  For those unfamiliar with the use of Essential Oils, there are three ways to use them: topical application, inhalation and diffusion.  We use all three ways at our home.

A friend recently shared that she had consumed coconut oil and two days later she broke out with big pimples. That should have been a sign that the oil contained additional ingredients. Another woman had heard that Lavender oil is a great remedy for burns (which indeed it is). She bought one bottle at the health food store, applied some and she was at the Emergency room later because she had used an oil that had synthetic components to it and it burned her wound even more.
Young Living's Peppermint oil for instance is known for its therapeutic properties in aiding digestion and weight loss.  You can make a Peppermint tea the next time you experience an upset stomach. Or you may want to rub a drop or two right on your abdomen. I have known people who no longer need to take antacids because Peppermint oil has helped them more. I will share more about Peppermint on a separate post since it is one of my favorite and quite versatile oils.

So next time you are faced with a choice at the store go for the one that will benefit your body the most. It might cost you more at the time but it will surely be saving you money later down the road in terms of medications and doctor visits.  Who knows? It might even bring you PURITY and health.  You ARE worth it, go for it!