Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Quest for Purity in Essential Oils and in daily living

My quest for purity in my daily living sometimes is hampered by the sheer volume of choices that are out there. At the grocery store, do you buy the cheaper version of corn flakes or the organic and double priced ones? What's one to gain from that? Purity. Authenticity in the flavor and the quality of the product. My family has been on this quest for some time now and we have come up with some things that are just non negotiable because purity and authenticity matter.  Raw milk, meat without growth hormones, natural soap, raw honey, foods without preservatives and locally grown vegetables.  We look for the same qualities in the use of Essential Oils. Therapeutic grade means that the oils are extracted in their purest form, they have not had any fillers or synthetic materials added and they were grown on virgin ground with soil that is rich in nutrients. Those are the only oils our family trusts. Those are the only oils we will get the most health benefit out of.  For those unfamiliar with the use of Essential Oils, there are three ways to use them: topical application, inhalation and diffusion.  We use all three ways at our home.

A friend recently shared that she had consumed coconut oil and two days later she broke out with big pimples. That should have been a sign that the oil contained additional ingredients. Another woman had heard that Lavender oil is a great remedy for burns (which indeed it is). She bought one bottle at the health food store, applied some and she was at the Emergency room later because she had used an oil that had synthetic components to it and it burned her wound even more.
Young Living's Peppermint oil for instance is known for its therapeutic properties in aiding digestion and weight loss.  You can make a Peppermint tea the next time you experience an upset stomach. Or you may want to rub a drop or two right on your abdomen. I have known people who no longer need to take antacids because Peppermint oil has helped them more. I will share more about Peppermint on a separate post since it is one of my favorite and quite versatile oils.

So next time you are faced with a choice at the store go for the one that will benefit your body the most. It might cost you more at the time but it will surely be saving you money later down the road in terms of medications and doctor visits.  Who knows? It might even bring you PURITY and health.  You ARE worth it, go for it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Essential beginning

I have just landed to the land of Bloggers. I somehow knew it was only a matter of time. After all, I am a daughter of a Greek newspaper man. I decided to share with you all my love for healthy living. My posts will have information on Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils along with other health and wellness related topics. My family has been using the oils for the past couple of years and I can honestly say we have almost replaced our medicine cabinet with the oils. I look forward to this new adventure. Thanks to my husband for his encouragement to step into this world, it should be a fun ride. I welcome your questions and comments.