Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allergy Season is here. How are your medications working for you? Care for a natural approach?

If you are like me, you check the pollen forecast on a daily basis right now. As beautiful as it is to see, finally, for those of us living up North, the green leaves returning on the trees and the buds, it is also a time to sneeze, wheeze and have itchy eyes. Airborne allergens (pollen, animal hair, feathers, dust mites) cause the release of histamines and subsequent inflammation of nasal passages and sinus related areas.  Asthma, a more serious form of respiratory allergy, manifests in the chests and lungs.

Therapeutic grade essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties and they can bring immediate, effective, all natural and with no side effects relief.  Can you say that for the medications that are out on the market today?  All you have to do is listen to a commercial for an allergy drug and you hear mostly about the potential harm the drug can bring on.  I am happy to have the oils as an alternative for my family.

Which oils are especially powerful in dealing with allergies?  My favorite would be Lavender.  Peppermint is a close second.  Eucalyptus however is a great choice as well.
Young Living's Breathe Again roll on contains a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rose Hip Oil, Copal Oil and Myrtle. All words you can pronounce, right?  The roll on feature only makes it easier to keep in a pocket, a purse, and safe enough to give to an older child to apply themselves.
Respiratory Congestion is another wonderful blend, one that we have used quite a bit in our house. Eucalyptus, Pine, Lavender, Cypress, Spruce, Peppermint, Marjoram, Myrtle oils are the ingredients.  

Here are a few testimonials from people who have used the oils to help them with their allergies.

"My wife has had seasonal allergies for years and has been taking Claridon for as many years as she can remember. After hearing about the many properties of this 'swiss army knife of oils', lavender, she wanted to try it. She applied the oil to her chackra points and behind the ears in the am and p.m. and whenever she began to fill up. Well, I can't stop her from telling others how this oil has helped wean her from the nasty allergy meds and naturally taken away almost all of the symptoms of her allergies. It works."

"I have been using Peppermint oil since about February 2010, 1 drop on tongue 1-3 times per day for my allergies, also works great when I start getting head pain."

"I've just recently started using my oils internally. This year when allergy season hit I couldn't breathe out of either nostril. I decided to take Eucalyptus oil internally daily, and within two days, my passages cleared. I kept taking the oil until the season passed. I know what I'll be doing for allergies for times to come."

I hope you can turn to essential oils for natural, effective and lasting relief this allergy season.  In addition to the oils, remember; your whole body needs care, not just your face and lungs.  Eat your veggies, drink your water, get your sleep, don't forget to love those close to you!

Take good care,